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1000L two blasting guns deadman control sandblast pot

1000L two blasting guns deadman control sandblast pot

1000L two blasting guns deadman control sandblast pot

1000L  high pressure Blast hopper blasting hopper 


1.Working principle of open sanding machine:



The machine adopts the press type sand blasting mechanism, that is to use the compressed air to flow high pressure in the high pressure tank, and spray the sand in the high pressure tank through the sand pipe, and then spray the compressed air from the nozzle at high speed to the workpiece surface, so as to achieve the purpose of sand blasting.


The scope of application of open sanding machine:


It is used for cleaning steel structure, mould and fitness amusement equipment. The carving of glass, stone tablet, ship building, bridge, mine, machinery, oil pipeline, water conservancy project, port construction and other rust removing, spray processing, oxide skin, and burr can also be used for spraying and electroplating process to improve the surface treatment of the adhesion on the surface of the coating (plating) layer. It is used to spray glass pellets and strengthen the surface of light parts.



The features of the open sanding machine:


2.1. This machine is the introduction of advanced German technology


2.2. The machine adopts straight through type sand blasting valve to completely solve the blockage of abrasive, and the speed of sand blasting outlet can reach 200M/S


2.3, sand valve is an important part of sandblasting machine. Its main function is to control the opening and closing of sand material, and continuously adjust the size of sand flow when blasting. The quality of the sand valve directly affects the normal work of the sandblasting machine. This type of sandblasting machine adopts the large sand valve produced by our company. The valve adopts the technology of SCHMIDT company in the United States. It has the characteristics of reliable quality, easy adjustment and simple maintenance. It is a widely used structure in all countries of the world; the opening of the valve is controlled by air pressure. The action process is that when the control port has air pressure signal, the piston of the sand valve drives the valve stem to rise and the sand valve opens. By adjusting the position of the regulating cap, the opening amount of the sand valve can be adjusted to control the flow of sand, and the opening amount of the sand valve can be stepless, and the valve stem and the valve sleeve in the sand valve are hard gold carbon. The production of tungsten carbide has improved the service life of the sand valve.

Mian technical :


Main technical

   Tank diameter                  1000mm

   Tank volume                  (35Cuft ) 1000L / 01m

   Tank capacity                  Grit 1500-2500kg

  Height of tank                    2100mm

   Blast gun No.                     2pcs

   Nozzle dia                        8/10mm

  Sandblast hose                   18.5m*2

   Compress air                    4-8kg/cm2   mm(5-8bar)

   Air consumption               3.2m3/min/1 gun )

Abrasive size                     0.2-2.0mm


   Abrasive type      steel grit ,steel shot ,sand ,garnet etc any abraisve 

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