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Portable Sand blasting machinery 300L

Portable Sand blasting machinery 300L

Portable Sand blasting machinery 300L

Portable Sand blasting machinery

Portable sandblast pot is suitable for long time continuous operation,such as profiles .
steel pre-treatment.pipes.tanks rust and container re-furbishment
It's easy to operate

Main technical  :

Tank Dia 600mm
Tank Vol 300L 
Loading abrasive Grit 500-600kg
Hight of tank 1450mm
Weight of tank 280kg
Blast nozze 1pc
Nozzle dia 8/10/12mm
Blasting hose  18m
Compressed Air   5-8kg/cm2   mm(5-8bar
  3.2m3/min 22KW 30HP(1 gun )

Using Abrasive :  steel grit ,steel shot (0.1-1.2mm) ,corundum (18-24 mesh)
 Control type :Pneumatic control 

 Remark :

A.The equipment needs to be equipped with an air compressor having a flow of 3 cubic meters per minute,
the power of air compressor:about 22KW, mainly according to the proportion of using abrasive.
(air compressor can be bought in local). (When using the equipment just need to connected to the gas source )

B.Tank volume is 0.31 m ³ (the actual capacity of 0.28M ³), pot hole diameter is 600mm, total height is 1380mm.

C.Configuration of this equipment : 20 meters blast hose,1 piece of blasting nozzle,
1 piece of filtration equipment,1 sets of valve body,1 pair of quick joint distribution,
1 suit of protective clothing; (optional with wheels or without ); other accessories are complete.

D.The derusting efficiency is 22-25 square meters per hour (corundum sand).

E.The bore diameter of the nozzle according to demand of customer

F.Can open operation or using in sandblasting room.Sandblasting room size is determined by the side of workpiece .

G.Can use steel shot, cut wire shot, emery, river sand, brown corundum, quartz sand.

H. Advantages: easy to move;add sand convenient; the failure rate is low, easy to maintain

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