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Shot blasting machine Q3210

The main users of the  shot blasting machine are machine tool factory, automobile factory, spring factory, heat treatment workshop,
casting workshop and stamping workshop. The crawler shot blasting machine uses the impeller of high-speed rotation to throw the projectile
to the workpiece of continuous turnover in the drum to achieve the purpose of cleaning. It is suitable for small castings, forgings,
stamping parts in various industries for shot blasting derusting, removing oxide scale and surface strengthening,
especially suitable for the surface cleaning and strengthening of parts that are not afraid of collision.
Casting after shot blasting cleaning, machining surface is convenient for the next machining process, not only can save processing time,
but also can protect the machine tool and tool from damage; Non-processed surface after painting, durable, improve the service life of products and appearance quality.

More and more Chiense automobile or hardware factories use Shot blasting machine 


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