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Vapor blasting machine for blasting car wheel

Advantages of wheel blasting machine : This is high quality which the whole machine is stainless steel 201 , it's special for blasting wheels The sand blasting machine of automobile wheel hub mold has realized the following several aspects of technology and process innovation. 1. It replaces the traditional sandblasting room, and greatly improves the working environment and labor intensity of operators. 2. Compared with the traditional sandblasting house, the energy consumption is reduced by 50%, and the floor space is also reduced. 3, the original turntable lifting mechanism, suitable for a variety of mold specifications, to ensure the convenience of mold processing. 4. The secondary dust removal system ensures the working clarity and ergonomics of the sandblast chamber. 5. The modular design and manufacturing structure reduces the failure rate and improves the reliability of the equipment.

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