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To help you choose the right sandblasting suit

  Sandblasting protective clothing from nicknames: sandblasting Protective Clothing, sandblasting clothing, sandblasting clothing; from the shape is divided into: Helmet and canvas style named: sandblasting helmet, sandblasting helmet, sandblasting cap, sandblasting mask, sandblasting mask.
SANDBLASTING is a very bad environment of the industry, with sand and high-pressure air flow, then protection is particularly important, it involves both environmental protection and safety. At least I think so: to choose first from environmental protection and safety considerations, environmental protection and safety first, of course, price is also the key, as well as, for example, service life, cost, job comfort, appearance, quality, design, etc. , combined consideration.
If I choose, I will definitely choose helmet style, safety, and then protective clothing, I will definitely thicken wear resistant canvas, of course, here you can choose shawl style, coat style, and Siamese style according to your own preferences and actual situation; secondly, let's talk about the price, i think the price of "helmet-style protective clothing" should be between 300 and 400 yuan, but the current market of frp materials is around 500 yuan, ABS materials are around 800 yuan, let's talk about service life: Since the price is between 300 and 400 yuan, then I hope to use 2-3 years;
Cost of use: no delicate parts, do not often here bad, where bad, a molding of the best. Comfort at work: There is enough space in the helmet, but not too heavy, or you can not work for a long time, the head should feel comfortable and soft; appearance: Beautiful Color, smooth; quality: Of course the helmet material is good, the best wear-resisting, not broken, dESIGN: Of course, this is very important, such as: the size can be adjusted, there is no safety protection inside, safety protection is not in place, there is no noise intake, after entering the airflow distribution is not reasonable and so on these all decided a helmet good or not to use, directly affects the work efficiency;

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