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how to use Dry type sandblaster cabinet

Dry sandblasting machine can remove rust and smooth the surface of workpiece by sandblasting.
(1) open the working hatch of the sandblasting machine, load the abrasive, add 10kg at a time, and close the working hatch.
(2) press the power switch.
(3) turn on the startup switch of exhaust fan.
(4) turn on the air supply switch.
(5) adjust the sand feeding amount by the sand feeding regulator at the bottom of the rotary sandblasting machine, and adjust the sand feeding amount according to the requirements of the workpiece.

6) open the working hatch, place the workpiece to be sprayed on the rotary table, and close the hatch.
(7) pedal current switch: sand blast the workpiece with the working gloves, the left hand and the right hand with the spray gun.
(8) clean the workpiece with air gun.
(9) open the hatch and take out the workpiece.
(10) turn off the power switch of the exhaust fan.
(11) turn off the power switch.
(12) open the side door of the dedusting box to remove the waste sand.

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