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how to choose good sandblasting helmet

Sandblasting protective clothing is alias: sandblasting protective clothing, sandblasting clothing, sandblasting clothing; from the body can be divided into:
helmet-type and canvas-type name: sandblasting helmet, sandblasting helmet, sandblasting cap, sandblasting mask, sandblasting mask.
Sandblasting is a very poor environment industry, dealing with sand and high-pressure airflow, so protection is particularly important,
it involves two aspects of environmental protection and safety.
At least I think so: to choose from the environmental protection and safety considerations, environmental protection and safety first, of course,
he price is also the key, as well as, for example, service life, use cost, work comfort, appearance, quality, design and so on, comprehensive consideration.
If I choose helmet-style, I will definitely choose safety first, and then protective clothing,
I will certainly add a thick wear-resistant canvas, of course, here according to their preferences and actual situation to choose shawl-style, jacket-style,
and integrated style; secondly, let's talk about the price, I think the price of "helmet-type protective clothing" should be between 300 and 400 yuan. Enough,
but at present the market of FRP quality is around 500 yuan, ABS material is around 800 yuan (all depend on imports);
Let's talk about service life: since the price is between 300 and 400 yuan, I hope to use 2-3 years;
Cost of use: It's better not to have any vulnerable parts. Don't always break down here. Where does it break down? It's best to shape it once.
Work comfort: There is enough space in the helmet type, but it can not be too heavy. Otherwise, you can not stand working for a long time, and your head should feel comfortable and soft.
Appearance: beautiful color, smooth;
Quality: Of course, the helmet should be made of good material. It's best to wear well and not break it. It's okay to spray it or touch it when working, and it's okay to drop it on the ground accidentally.
Design: Of course, this is very important, such as: size adjustable, whether there is safety protection inside, safety protection is not in place, whether there is noise in the intake,
whether the air distribution after entering is reasonable and unreasonable, etc. These all depend on the good or bad use of a helmet, directly affecting the efficiency of work;
Finally, let's talk about what we need to have protective clothing to be the most ideal. First, the gas produced by the air compressor we breathe does not conform to our breathing conditions.
We affirm that the gas directly exported by the air compressor is harmful substances such as oil, water, rust water and decaying water remaining in the pipeline,
so it should be produced by the air compressor. The gas is filtered to remove the harmful substances in it before it can breathe.
If the above conditions are met, and the temperature can be adjusted, so that the temperature of the air flow into the helmet can be arbitrarily changed between 10 - 40 degrees,
just like air conditioning, warm in winter and cool in summer, it will form an ideal respiratory system.
In this way, a: safe, protective, comfortable, economic, reasonable, ideal environment is presented in front of you, this kind of work, I think you or your employees have no reason to refuse it, see the current environmental protection and workers'welfare requirements are higher and higher, workers increasingly difficult to ask for, spend hundreds of yuan, workers have Well, the image is there, of course, wealth will come!

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