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The Use of Common Sandblasting Machines

In order to make the metal surface have good cleanliness and roughness, it is necessary to pre-treat the surface of metal structure such as rust removal.There is such a saying in the field of corrosion protection that "seven points of rust removal and three points of painting" shows the importance of rust removal. In view of the particularity of hydraulic metal structure,
 One   pre-control
   Before sandblasting, the corrosion grade of the metal structure base surface was evaluated according to the regulations of "Grade of rust on steel surface before coating and Grade of rust removal".     Careful inspection, removal of slag, spatter and other attachments, and cleaning of surface grease and soluble dirt, useless welds or joints should also be properly treated.
   Two    Abrasive Control
   Sand for sandblasting and rust removal requires hard, angular and dry particles (moisture content).         <2%         No clay and other impurities; quartz sand is the best, and coarse river sand is also the best.         At the same time, the transportation conditions and unit price of sand should be considered.          Recycling capacity and other factors;        The grain size of sand is as follows        0.5    Zero point five     ~   1.5mm    It is advisable to dry it before screening and store it in   In shed and indoor, the sieve hole size is: coarse sieve     Forty   ~    Forty-eight     hole    /cm2         (particle size)        1.2 mm    、        Fine sieving           Three hundred and seventy-two     ~          Four hundred and seventy-six       hole        /cm2     (particle size)      0.3mm 。   After the rust removal scheme is determined, River sand, quartz sand or their mixture can be selected as abrasives. In the reinforcement of Gangnan Reservoir, after pre-spraying comparison,  According to quartz sand and river sand One  ∶  One The effect of mixing and using rust removal is better.

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