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Introduction of Sandblasting Technology

    Before the workpiece is sprayed or sprayed with protective coating (paint or other anticorrosive materials), the surface of the workpiece should be carefully treated, which is called pre-treatment.       The quality of pretreatment affects the adhesion, appearance, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance of the coating. Because the better coating (layer) is adhered to the surface carefully cleaned.      
  If the pretreatment is not done well, the corrosion will continue to spread under the coating, causing the coating to fall off. After careful cleaning of the surface and generally simple (hand sandpaper or brush) cleaning of the workpiece,        The life of the coatings can be 4-5 times longer than that of the coatings by sun exposure.            There are many methods for surface cleaning, but the most commonly accepted ones are:          Solvent cleaning manual tool power tool.        
   Among these methods, each method has its own scope of application, but in all surface cleaning methods, sand blasting method is more thorough, more general and more extensive, because:          Sandblasting is faster and more thorough than other methods in cleaning workpiece surface.        There is no other process that allows you to choose between four generally accepted cleanliness levels.         
   2. Sandblasting           
  Compressed air is used as the power to form a high-speed jet beam, which sprays materials (copper ore sand, quartz sand, iron sand, sea sand, diamond, etc.) into the surface of the workpiece to be treated at high speed.                   Because of the impact and cutting action of abrasives on the workpiece surface, the workpiece surface can obtain certain cleanliness and different roughness.              
  The mechanical properties of the workpiece surface are improved, so the fatigue property of the workpiece is improved, the adhesion between the workpiece and the coating is increased, the durability of the coating is prolonged, and it is also conducive to the leveling and decoration of the coating.

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