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Glass beads media for blasting

Glass bead is a unique but widely used pneumatic sandblasting abrasive, which is used in cleaning, treatment or metal surface sandblasting and other fields.
Glass beads are made of glass fragments which are highly pressed and graded. Glass fragments are melted into spheres and annealed to balance internal pressure and flexural strength.
These pure and transparent spheres are treated without any embedded particles, purification, stains or other surface damage. According to the selected size and operation parameters,
glass beads can produce various glossiness on the surface of the workpiece, ranging from rough to silky. Glass bead sandblasting or spraying can also easily obtain decorative effects or other special effects.
Glass bead abrasive
Glass beads have excellent performance, even when the precision of the workpiece is strictly required to clean or deburr, it will not damage the surface of the workpiece,
and still maintain the original accuracy of the workpiece. Moreover, the inherent strength of glass beads enables it to withstand multiple shocks and perform cyclic sand blasting operations.
Glass beads are widely used to treat the surface of workpieces with residual tension or periodic pressure to produce a compressive stress layer to achieve the purpose of surface strengthening.
Using glass beads to strengthen the workpiece surface can reduce potential dangers such as surface erosion or surface fatigue. The chemical properties of glass beads are non-toxic,
and no iron or other harmful substances will remain on the surface of the workpiece during the use process, nor will it bring adverse effects on the surrounding environment.
Applicable industries: aviation industry, automobile industry, consumer goods manufacturing industry, foundry industry, subcontractor, semiconductor industry.
Scope of application: IC block bracket cleaning; Enhanced aircraft engine turbine blades and other parts; Decoration; Surface treatment before electroplating or electrolytic spraying;
Cleaning or deburring of non-ferrous components; Cleaning of melted residues in high-temperature dies.
Instructions and properties: Large glass beads have slower cleaning speed, but stronger impact force, and can remove larger stains, resulting in higher surface roughness and smoothness.
Small glass beads clean faster, but the impact force is weak, can remove smaller stains, resulting in lower surface roughness and smoothness.

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