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Full Automatic roller conveyor sandblasting equipment

Automatic transmission type blasting equipment
Product details and advantages:
1. This series of machine is a special plane automatic conveying sand blasting machine. The conveying speed can be controlled by frequency conversion digital.
The speed of sand blasting is fast, the processing quality is stable and the operation is simple.
2. When the operation is carried out, the workpiece is placed on the conveyor belt and the sand blasting operation is completed automatically.
3. The swing arc of the spray gun can be adjusted.
4. Spray gun and spray gun rack, can be placed according to workpiece size, and can do 720 degrees of rotation, in order to various workpieces sandblasting processing.
5. Equipped with large-scale dust collector and special abrasive and dust cyclone separator, can separate abrasive and dust, can reduce abrasive consumption, environmental pollution.
The abrasive can be automatically recycled.
6. This series machine is equipped with 2-10 groups of spray guns, each gun has a separate control, equipped with 2-12 blowing guns,
can reduce the sand attached to the workpiece after processing.
7. The machine can be designed according to the size and shape of the workpiece. It can also be equipped with wet dust collecting equipment according to
the requirement of the workpiece.
8, the whole machine adopts SIEMENS PLC integrated control, which is simple and convenient to operate.

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