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Hook type shot blasting machine

Shot blasting equipment is first applied to the surface casting of cast steel and iron castings and the removal of oxide scales.
Almost all steel castings, ash castings, malleable steel parts and nodular iron castings must be shot blast.
This is not only to eliminate the surface oxidation and sanding of the castings,
but also an indispensable preparation procedure before the quality inspection of the castings.
For example, the large air turbine casing must be cleaned strictly before the damage is done to ensure the reliability of the result of the flaw detection.
In the production of general castings, the cleaning of shot peening is a necessary technological means to find the surface defects of the castings,
such as the subcutaneous pores, slag holes, and the sand, cold and skin. The surface cleaning of nonferrous metal castings,
such as aluminum alloy and copper alloy, is the main purpose of cleaning the burrs of the castings and obtaining the surface quality of the decoration,
in addition to clearing the oxide skin and finding the surface defects of the castings. In metallurgical steel production,
throwing shot or pickling is a process to ensure high productivity in large quantities of iron and steel by mechanical or chemical combined removal of phosphorus skin.
During the production of other alloy steel plates and strips, such as silicon steel sheet and stainless steel sheet,
it must be annealed and pickled in cold rolling process to ensure the surface roughness and thickness accuracy of the cold rolled steel sheet.

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