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Matters needing attention during blasting

Matters needing attention during blasting
1, the work must wear protective equipment, no naked arm work. Work shall not be less than two people.
2, gas tank, pressure gauge, safety valve should be regularly checked. The gas tank is discharged once every two weeks, and the filter in the sand tank is checked once a month.
3, check the ventilation pipe and sand blasting machine door seal. Five minutes before work, must start the ventilation and dust removal equipment, ventilation and dust removal equipment failure, no sand blasting machine work.
4, compressed air valve should be slow to open, the pressure is not allowed to exceed 0.8MPa.
5, the size of sand should be commensurate with the work requirements, is generally between ten to twenty, the sand should be kept dry.
6, sand blasting machine work, not to prohibit people close to. When cleaning and adjusting the running parts, the machine should be shut down.
7, are not allowed to use compressed air blowing dust or a joke.
8, after the work, ventilation and dust removal equipment should continue to operate for five minutes and then shut down, in order to discharge the indoor dust, keep the site clean.

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